I am 24 years old and Studying my Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) full time. I grew up in Sydney and moved to Brisbane four years ago with my Husband.

I have worked in the Early Childhood Industry for five and a half years, starting as a trainee and working my way to a Director; in which I was responsible for the running and day to day operations of the Centre, including staff, parents and children. After 3 years of directing, my husband was relocated to Cardwell, in far north Queensland ( basically in the middle of nowhere) for work :(. I took this opportunity to take time off work and begin my degree. We have since returned to Brisbane and I have 18 months remaining til I finish studying. Although changing from full time work to full time study was a big shock to my system, I have now adapted and am enjoying engaging with so many courses and those who are also studying.

Having been a director for a few years (and at such a young age) I decided to move towards a new avenue of learning, hence I have decided that once I finish studying, I am going to try teaching in a Primary school setting. I think it will be a wonderful opportunity to continue working with children in a different environment and for me to continue growing as a person and educator.

During my time working with children I have developed such a passion for providing children with a quality learning environments and experiences. I think children are such beautiful, innocent young people and we as adults can learn as much from them as they can from us. One area that I am particularly passionate about is the lay out of classrooms, as this plays such a vital role in supporting children’s learning, helping them to feel safe and secure and allowing them to grow into confident and successful young people through investigation and exploration.

One area that is not a strength of mine, however, is ICT šŸ˜¦ I think ICT is such a great resource for teachers to facilitate in order to support teaching/ learning in the classroom, however, I also feel extremely overwhelmed when required to use it myself. So far, the teaching team in this course seem very supportive for those of us who aren’t fabulous at using technology and I am eternally grateful. I hope that by the end of this course I continue to see ICT as an exciting tool, but have more confidence in using it myself, as well as, an abundance of ideas on how I can utilise it in my own classroom.


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  1. G’day Aspen, Sounds like you’ve already won half the battle – you think ICTs can be a useful resource. But perhaps you have the hardest bit of the battle to go – overcoming your sense of being overwhelmed. If it is any reassurance, you won’t be the only person feeling that. On the plus side, previous folk have said that this course has helped with that, I hope that’s your experience this time.

    I should say, that my anecdotal observations are that the students have felt like this, are those that have used this as an opportunity to engage with lots of ICTs. It appears that being willing to have a go, ask questions and experience lots, may be the secret.


  2. Hi Aspen, it is lovely to meet you and your blog is looking wonderful so far! It is very interesting to read of your prior experiences in childcare as I have also spent many years in the industry. Good luck for semester 2 šŸ™‚

    • Hi Teagan and David,
      Although daunting, these posts are actually quite lovely in that we are creating a support network of some sort šŸ™‚ Teagan, Good luck this semester with your studies!

  3. Hello Teagan, it is amazing how many people have worked in the childcare industry! I have also worked and still do in childcare. Something I have found is when an adult shows a little respect and caring a child will give back many times over. All the best for this semester Teagan.

  4. Hi Aspen
    I agree with you the learning environment or the third teacher in Reggio terms is such an important component of education. I look forward to the challenge we face as per service educators in integrating ICT into learning environments. Justene

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