Visit to my Prac school

I spent today visiting the class I will be doing professional experience with. My mentor is lovely, which is a huge relief!! That was one of my main concerns. It’s quite a small school which is very different to the school I went to growing up, but it’s nice to see how varying schools can be.

The class has 25 children, a few with ESL and oral language delays, and a few that have trouble maintaining attention but nothing huge!!

In terms of the ICTs available we have access to an IWB at all times and 5 computers which apparently aren’t too reliably. So I am slightly limited, but I guess this just means I have to be a little more creative.

The teacher has quite a lot of experience and uses the C2C as a guide, but changes it to suit her class and adds other ideas that she thing will work better, which sounds great to me. Using the C2C as a base, then incorporating your own ideas and perhaps some on scootle and the learning place.

Today we did quite a bit of literacy, a small amount of mathematics, music lesson, PE lesson and free activities.

The children were quite restless and seemed very tired, I suspect because the end of term is drawing to a near.

I’m definitely much more relaxed than I was feeling and definitely not so scared. 🙂


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