First-Order and Second-Order change

I thought this weeks learning path about challenging our thinking and promoting change was very inspirational!

First-order change. This type of change works within existing schemata, rules, or ways of doing things. You do more or less of what you’ve done before. You do it slightly differently, but stick to the same rules.

2. Second-order change. This type of change is where your schema fundamentally change. You reconceptualise the rules or ways of doing things. Of changing how you see the problem.

When looking for further information on first and second order change in education, I cam across this article, which discusses teachers pedagogical beliefs in terms of technology integration. I also found an article that I would love to read, called ‘Addressing first- and second-order barriers to change: Strategies for technology integration’ written by Peggy A. Ertmer. This is so relevant to what we are learning, but I cant seem to find a copy without having to purchase it.

In the learning path, David wrote, “you’re probably being limited by thoughts of first-order change. i.e. you are probably thinking about doing the same sort of planning you always do, but just adding ICTs into the mix.” So true, how did he know? 😉

David then raised a really valuable point, whilst out on prac, some of us will be teaching same grade level with the Australian curriculum. Chances are that we will be teaching similar content descriptors/ units in each KLA. David made the following suggestions:

• Why not collaborate on the design of ICT rich lessons amongst you all? At the very least share your ideas and critique each other’s plans to develop better lessons?
• At the very least, share your lesson plans (or your ideas for them) via your blog so others can critique and comment?
• Why not set up a collaborative project between your classrooms?

These are such wonderful ideas. I am hoping to put a post on the forums and see if anyone else in interested in collaborating with me.


One thought on “First-Order and Second-Order change

  1. Hi Aspen,
    I think this collaborative approach sounds great! What year do you have? I am doing year one. Would love someone to bounce ideas off and offer any support to each other. Count me in 😉

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