Scared of Prac

So as prac becomes closer and closer I seem to become a little more and more scared 😦 But it appears I’m not the only one, tannielittle and Tyahnie Wilson, have also shared their nerves in their blogs.

The main reason that I am so nervous is that I received 12 exemptions, and as a result this is my first prac! What worries me most is that being a 3rd year student, the teachers will expect me to be quite knowledgeable and confident at know what I’m doing when I’m not. My plan- fake it til I make it!! Fellow blogger at, the adventures of a tech minded teacher, has provided some hints for those of us who are lacking experience- thanks!!

To help me further prepare for professional experience, I thought I’d do a bit of research on resources that may be helpful and other students experiences whilst out on prac. Some of the links I found include:

* bee bots
* another students experience managing resources
* smart exchange
* another students experience
* another students experience


4 thoughts on “Scared of Prac

  1. Hi Aspen, Sometimes I find myself freaking out about it a little and I try to stop and think about how great its going to be to finally get some experience in the school setting. Like you I had exemptions (Only 8 though) and I have done 1 prac prior to this one but it was at a daycare much to my disgust. Specially since I have no intention of teaching in the daycare setting. Also I was worried about the level we are expected to teach, 1/3 per day up to a full day! I just try to remind myself that our mentors will be there to support us and guide us. We wont be doing it by ourselves! Fingers crossed for supportive, helpful mentors! Good luck!!!

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