Connect.ed: Cycber safety

I found the activities on the cyber smart website really interesting.

One of the big things I was made aware of was the huge amount of new terminology regarding the internet and computers, eg phishing, that I am unaware of. It’s a little scary to think I am going into a new world of teaching soon and there is so much about technology that I don’t know, yet children these days seem to be born with an inherent ability to use new technologies easily.

I think that as a teach one of the best ways to teach students is by being a positive role model. If you are acting in a professional and acceptable manner, students will see this. However, acting in an unprofessional manner (and possibly demonstrating illegal behaviours) sends students a message that this behaviour is ok.

I found the following statistics worrying:

• between 7 per cent and 10 per cent of students from Year 4 to Year 9 have experienced cyberbullying
• cyberbullying rates increase with age—in line with increasing access to technology

And this leads me to questions how school communities can combat this issue, after all the website stated that “Combating cyberbullying is everyone’s responsibility.” This means we need to be educating not just children but their parents and the teachers in order to help minimise this problem. I found it interesting when the site mentioned that “resolving conflict between young people is more likely to occur when bystanders—often other students—intervene.” This also highlights the importance of educating students on how to manage bullying and what to do is you’re a witness. The cyber smart website has a heap of resources and lesson plans that can be used to help educate students. It’s so nice to see that organisations and schools are being proactive!

One thing that I hadn’t thought of was the implications of using P2P software (peer to peer) with regards to copy right laws etc. This is a really interesting point that the website draws to teachers attention.

As I completed the modules I began to think how important it is for teachers to stay up to date with technonlogies in order to know what potential risks there are and ultimately protect students!

A fellow blogger has also reflected on the modules and made a good point when she says that technology is here to stay and we need to find a way to accept it.


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