Preparing for Prac

Moving on to module 3 this week, we are now focusing on preparing for prac (which is a little daunting and overwhelming). I received 12 subject credits for previous study, and as a result, this is my first prac at a school and I am very, very nervous (perhaps a little petrified :() I have printed off the information and forms on the professional experience website, but the whole thing is still feeling a little surreal.

I have made myself a list of questions to ask my mentor before my professional experience begins so that I have a sound knowledge of the class context and dynamics, the students abilities and what topics will be taught while I’m there.

We are also encouraged to create and maintain a professional experience folder in which we collect evidence and resources to use when we go to job interviews 🙂 There is a lot to remember and a lot to do, so I have made myself a checklist to make sure I keep on track and don’t forget anything. Is there anything else you can add that I have forgotten?

Before Prac starts:
 Contact site co-ordinator and organise time to meet mentor (day/ time suitable for them)
 Meeting with mentor, ask if possible to visit class prior to prac starting
 Contact USQ Liaison

During Prac:
 Be at school from 8-4pm
 Show mentor lesson plans prior to teaching
 Ask for feedback at the end of each lesson/ day (write feedback on lesson plan template)
 Observe students
 Observe mentor- routines, approaches used, children’s portfolios, how lesson plans are written
 Write daily reflection on each lesson
 Ask mentor to complete weekly feedback form (week 1 and 2)
 Ask mentor to complete ICT statement and professional experience report (week 3)
 Ensure SONIA result has been entered before leaving on last day
 Ask for reference from teacher/ site co-ordinator

Create/ maintain prac folder. Need to collect the following evidence:
 Class info- Class roll, seating plan, special needs, gender mix, age group, other diversity needs
 Observations
 Lesson plans including handouts used
 Lesson plan- Feedback given by mentor
 Personal daily reflections
 Weekly feedback forms x 2
 Professional experience report
 Reference
 ICT statement
 Resources/ names of resources used


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