Using Technology vs Technology Integration

This week we were introduced to a new framework or idea that is called ‘Using technology’ vs ‘Integrating technology.’

Aditi Rao has developed a table to explain this concept which can be found at this blog post.

Fellow blogger, Tannie Little, extends this idea further by stating, “Using ICT in the classroom should be more than just replacing paper and pen for an online tool.” In other words, asking ourselves, can this activity be done without using ICTs, and if so, it’s probably an example of using technology, rather than integrating it.

Another blog I have been following, reinforces this point by stating, “Enhancing and transforming learning with ICT is vital but needs thoughtful planning as we develop our individual “digital toolboxes”. What tools we choose to put in that box is important but how we use them is even more so,” once again emphasising that it’s not just about using ICTS in our teaching but how we use them that enhances learning.


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